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Elephant shrew

What Our Clients Say

Sherman Traps, Inc. has always been receptive to my specific trapping needs, offering custom designed traps when necessary

Dr. Peter Calby

Clarion University

Easily portable, reliably effective, and a great value. Sherman Traps. None Better

Dr. Robert Baker, PhD

Texas Tech University

We have used Sherman Traps almost exclusively for small mammal trapping… We’re impressed with their durability and quality of craftsmanship

Dr. Charles Kronberg

California State University at Fresno

We are glad to recommend Sherman Traps for their easy portability and outstanding effectiveness

Naval Weapons Section

Point Mugu, California

It is imperative that we continue to document and monitor our dynamic environment. For sampling small mammal communities, H.B. Sherman live traps are the standard of the industry and there is no substitute. Here at BIO-WEST, Inc., we use H.B. Sherman live traps on all our projects throughout North America.

Marty Heaney

Principal Scientist – BIO-WEST, Inc.